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Searching the database

There are functions below allowing a search of the database with results for an individual dog (or breeder affix) or a search based on a date range and test type.

As a result of the merging of the historic data from the Newfoundland Club with the more recent data from the joint database, the database now contains records of more than 22,500 Newfoundland dogs although only a minority will have health test results associated.

New records are regularly being added - check again later if the dog or result you are looking for is not currently listed or contact the Database Administrators by email.

Reliability of data

It is intended that the data presented can be regarded as

  • authoritative where entries have been made on production of documentary evidence of the tests.
  • reliable where entries have been made from Kennel Club Breed Records Supplements or the Kennel Club Mate Select website.
  • reliable but unverified where some early Heart Test results are recorded from documents received from the British Veterinary Cardiovascular Society (or directly from the owners) which documents did not have provision for the veterinary surgeon's signature. They are listed as "Unverified Breeder/Owner submitted document".
  • indicative where unverified entries (Cystinuria specifically) have been made based on information provided by breeder/owners.


  • Place your mouse over a dogs name in the results to show more information such as their pet name, registration number, KC Stud Book number and microchip number, if known.
  • Place your mouse over the "Date:" in the results fields to display the source of the data.

Notes regarding Cystinuria status

Where we are informed that a dog is Cystinuria Clear by virtue of its parentage, the column where the test date would normally appear will show "Not tested" and the result as "Parents Clear".

However, the database administrators will NOT have verified the information (placing your mouse over the "Not tested" will show the data source) and the responsibility to verify rests entirely with the viewer.

Key to abbreviations

Ausc. - Auscultation (a stethoscopic examination)
BMD - Bernese Mountain Dog (an early Elbow scoring scheme)
BVA - British Veterinary Association
DCM - Dilated Cardiomyopathy
ECG - Electrocardiography
ED - Echo doppler
FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
SAS - Sub-Aortic Stenosis


Type four or more characters from any part of the registered name of the dog or breeder's affix.

NOTE: Typing extra characters dynamically narrows the search results displayed.

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Define the period and type of test results then click the Search button.

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